Strategic Risk Management Training in Keny

Strategic Risk Management

Corporate risk is typically regarded as equivalent to financial risk. This is a major error because financial risk is only one element of an organisation’s risk profile.

Other risks include change risk, operational risk and unforeseeable risk. Taken together they can be classed as strategic risk, and the question is then how to manage risk in all its dynamic complexity. There is a huge difference between understanding risk and managing risk. This course provides a unique tool kit for all managers who have to confront risk issues.

The trainer has a deep knowledge of governance and compliance issues. It was the best training I have had in a long while. I’d highly recommend it.

Highly Recommended
Chebett Koske, CIArb

The course content was well thought out and designed to the organization data, the trainer
involved us in the activities discussions.

Best Management Training in Kenya
Timothy Kinoti, Realux Holdings Limited

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