Ann M. Kimani

Ann M. Kimani has 15 years of experience in financial management, grants/contracts management, financial oversight and impact monitoring.

She has sound experience in financial management and budgeting, USAID, World Bank, EU and other donor contract/grant compliance, recruitment, fielding, and supervision of personnel, and daily field operations.

Her experience includes; Director Operations, Finance Manager, Training and Capacity Building of local private and non-profit organizations in Kenya. She is a member of ICPA (K), ICPS (K) and holder of MBA (Finance) from the University of Nairobi, Kenya.

Ann has the following capacity building achievements:

  • She has trained and impacted over 60 farmer co-operatives in 22 counties of Kenya
  • She has trained and impacted 12 SMEs around Kenya
  • She reviewed curriculum materials and assessment tools to align to the key thematic areas that impact on efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of the SMEs.
  • She has worked a lot in the field of monitoring and evaluation of World Bank Funded Projects.
  • She guided and oversaw consultants work with the SMEs and farmer co-operatives.