Patrick Mutisya

Patrick has over 11 years of hands-on experience in business financial management in dairy manufacturing industry. He provided leadership development and implementation of sustainable business turnaround strategies, leading to turnaround into profitability and sound liquidity position. This is despite challenges of capital.

He formulated and spearheaded implementation of effective controls and efficiency in operations, enabling sufficient generation of internal funds to finance operations with minimal reliance on borrowed funds. The positive growth and liquidity led to a rare attraction of lenders and other providers of capital in financing the business capital investments for growth and expansion.

He also contributed immensely to the turnaround from badly damaged institutional reputation to high level of trust and confidence from the providers of long-term financing, all within less than 10 years.

This was achieved majorly due to his spear- heading of sound Financial and indeed business strategy development and their implementation, resulting into the now, a show-case of successful commercial government owned parastatals in Kenya.

Additionally, Patrick has over 10 years experience in Internal Auditing in manufacturing industry. He contributed to the successful setting up of the Internal Audit function in one organization from scratch.

Through the function, Patrick contributed to successful development and implementation of sound business risk control systems. The level of pilferages and inefficiency reduced from a high of over 75% at the time of his joining the organization to a low of 1% and improvement of profitability and liquidity, leading to growth in market share from a low of 5% to a high of 45% at the time of his leaving.

Patrick has hands-on expertise in documentation of business operating systems and procedures. He contributed in documenting of business operating systems and procedures, leading to successful computerization of the same.

Migration from manual to computerized operating systems and procedures led to actual improvement in the business controls and efficiency, leading to significant improvement in profitability.

Patrick has about 3 years experience in external audit. He has been involved in provision of assurance services to diverse clientele. This was mainly in SACCOS and producer Co-operative societies, Real estate and property management service providers, Insurance brokerage service providers, among others.

Patrick has been a facilitator in diverse in-house training sessions on Strategic management and financial management in all the organizations he worked for.